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Are you ready to relive your favorite memories?

Transfers by Steve is a small division of StevenDay.net. I do video transfers of VHS, 8MM and MiniDV tapes to either digital MP4 format or DVD.

Unlike the big online stores I do everything by hand. There are no automated scripts, no high-speed machines and most of all, no crazy overhead to bring up your cost or lower your quality.

My video transfers are the best quality you can get. Your transferred video will look as good as the source tape.

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While my main business is repairing computers, I also do video transfers. I can take your VHS, Compact VHS (Also known as VHS-C), MiniDV and 8MM tapes (Sorry, no reel movies) and convert them into a digital file that you can play on your computer, smart TV or gaming console.

If you want a DVD I will take your digitized file and master it on a DVD that you can make unlimited copies of, or I can make multiple copies for you. All DVDs are menu-less and will begin to play as soon as you insert them into your player. Digital files are in MP4 format which is compatible with both PC and Mac

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All video transfers are $20 per tape, regardless of run time. Each flash drive (holds several tapes worth) is $10 plus tax. If you decide to have DVDs made each DVD is $10 per tape and there is a 2 hour limit. Longer tapes will require multiple DVDs. Additional DVD copies are $5*.

DVD's come with a protective case and are printed with whatever name is on the tape label or whatever name you decide. Please make sure each tape has a name otherwise I will simply title them "Tape x" with x being a number that corresponds to the tape provided.

Convert VHS/VHS-C/MiniDV/8MM tape: $20.00/tape

DVD Master (per tape up to 2 hours): $10.00
Additional DVD's needed for videos over 2 hours

Additional DVD Copy: $5/each*

Flash Drive (Holds up to 15 tapes): $10

*Additional DVD copies must be ordered at the time of the transfer order. Copies requested after delivery will be $10 for the first copy and $5 for each subsequent copy for that order.

Please note I do not offer mail in/mail out services at this time. Service to Cape Ann area only.

NOTE: I cannot be held liable for any damage to your tapes due to the age of video tapes. I handle your tapes with the utmost care and use only top quality equipment.

Tel: 978-865-3431

Email: orders@transfersbysteve.com